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Definitions of the brand concept
There are many definitions of brand notion, but many of them are either incomplete or addressed to people with serious branding knowledge. Discrepancies generated here make the brand work badly, or even not work at all.

In this article we aim to find a simple, complete definition that can be easily understood by anyone.

A very common definition is:
"A brand is a name, sign or symbol used to identify the products or services of a manufacturer and used to differentiate it from competition."

This definition signals differentiation as an essential feature of the brand. We understand that this name, sign, symbol is used only for identification and differentiation. Nothing more true, but something is missing.

Another statement about the brand concept that brings something extra is:
A brand is a promise. Once identified services and products provide a guarantee of quality.

According to the last statement, a brand is born to fulfill a promise, an existing and unfulfilled necessity, a mission.
Not to mention other definitions here, we list below some of the features of a brand:
- add value to products
- is a registered trademark
- is a famous company
- consists of a logo and a slogan

These are in fact characteristics of identity, which is an important component of a brand, but we can not say that a brand means only identity. A brand implies an identity, but it becomes brand only exposed, communicated and acknowledged.

So, follow a new definition:
A brand is the way a product, service or company is seen in the minds of consumers.

Of course, each brand is seen in some way by consumers. Note that such perception can be both negative and positive. Also note that not just a product, service or company can be brands, but also a state, a person, an event or even a building. In some cases, we do not even need a logo or a slogan, identity is something else.

Considering all of this, I propose the following statement, without the pretense of being a definition:
"A brand is the way a product, service, idea, state, person or company is seen in the eyes of those they interact with."

Most of the time, it is based on a well-defined and recognized identity and addresses a defined segment of the market, defining itself by various methods.

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