logo design - 2019 trends.

Logo design - Trends 2019

Graphic Chart - "History Repeats", both in graphic design and in web design. 2019 will be the year of change, we will not expect the same plate trends. Minimalism and simplification will remain, but we will feel retro influences, upgraded and updated.

Graphic Design
If you feel fashionable and want to stay trendy, look at 10 trends that will amaze your customers this year:
1. Responsive logos
The responsive design has been practiced for 10 years. With the rapid increase in phone use for the internet, site design has been a problem: adapting the design from the monitor's format to the phone's vertical screen.
This created the notion of responsive design. The same change occurred with complex logos that were more horizontal.

So used in the past, the gradient ceased to appear in digital graphics around 2017. It went to flat design that gained ground giving a much cleaner look.
Slowly, slowly the gradient reappeared much more refined and subtle. With the reappearance of the gradient, a new form of that, the transition between colors, came into play.

More depth
Shadows worn are officially back in fashion. Like the gradient, shadows return after abandoning the two-dimensional design.
They have become much broader and more realistic than the simple so-called drop shadow function. These shades are in tune with the new semi-flat design style.

History repeats itself with the bicromatic design. Originally appeared as a printing technique, the bichromiy returns very controversial and very acual. It is expected to be the strongest trend of 2019.

Textures inspired by the '80s and' 90s
As with bichromate, the texture takes us to the retro and is supported by two-dimensional design and semi-flat design.
The reference to the '80s and' 90s is a form of nostalgia for these years, given that the target audience are children of that period.

Movement: animation and GIFs
The movement falls into the category of micro-interactions that we no longer notice.
Microintegrations help us make it easier for you to use a program, such as when you lift the keyboard or unlock the keyboard.
The movement has also taken place in graphic design, with the possibility of transmitting more things to the viewer.

Bold typographic titles
2019 is a very inspiring year for printing. We will encounter many typographic influences, such as alignment, large, visible and bold titles but also serifs. The higher the text, the better.

Authentic photography
The demand for photography in graphic design has increased significantly in 2018 and will grow further in 2019. Designers have begun to put more emphasis on naturalness and have gained an affinity for unfiltered pictures.

Detailed vintage style
"Vintage" has been on everyone's lips for years and will remain the same.
Crafted or natural products blend well with vintage look. In addition, this year's emphasis is on floral, vintage and bohemian textures.
2019 is a very complex and intriguing year for graphic design. With so many different styles that break the monotony and revitalize graphics, emphasis will be placed on the originality and identity of a product's imagery.

2019 is the year you will release your creativity!

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